Gregory Hill 2014 Police Shooting In Florida

According to a CNN article a jury in Florida awarded a family $4.00 for the 2014 death of Gregory Hill due to a shooting by a police officer.  The lawyer of Mr. Hill’s family says that proves “Black Lives Don’t Matter”.

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According to the article:

In deciding damages in the case, the jury awarded Bryant $1 for funeral expenses, and $1 for each child’s “loss of parental companionship, instruction, and guidance and … mental pain and suffering,” verdict forms show. Hill’s children are 7, 10 and 13.

The plaintiff’s law suit document may also be found here.  The shooting police officer’s response may be found here.  The verdict forms may be found here.

This incident reminds me of another 2014 incident that happened in Texarkana, TX when a “mentally ill” man named Dennis Grigsby was shot and killed by a Texarkana police officer after a burglary call when Mr. Grigsby was found in a neighbors garage.  Mr. Grigsby reportedly was later found to have had only a spoon in his hand which the officer reportedly took for a knife . See here and here for more info.

In both cases it seems to me that the police officer simply should have retreated until the situation could have been better assessed and until more police and family member help could have arrived to better ascertain and control the situation.  In neither case was the police officer in danger.  In the case of Mr. Hill, every indication was that Mr. Hill was retreating from the encounter with the police and was not in any way an aggressor.


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