Chaurcey Boyd Ministries


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There Is But One True God - Father, Son Jesus, Holy Spirit!

Worship him and him only; encourage others to do the same!

Love no one above him; encourage others to do the same!

Love and respect yourself and others; encourage others to do the same!

The anointing is to serve, not lord it over others!

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few-- Pray for more laborers!

We are about promoting:

A House of Prayer and Refuge For All People!

A Family Altar In Every Home!

Holy, Healthy, Hopeful and Happy Households!

A Ministry for Rebirth, Refuge, Recommitment, Sustainment, and Growth!

**Make Eternal Life in Heaven Your Primary Reward**

**And Don't Neglect to Live a Saved Life on Earth That Glorifies God**

Chaurcey D. Boyd
Senior Minister,
Chaurcey Boyd Ministries

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