Friday, August 18th, 2017


Business People Resign from the President’s Manufacturing Council — A Bad Move

I am more and more convinced we live in a time where our churches and education system have produced far too many people who are far too cowardly and lack insufficient integrity. Far too many of such people of all races and genders are leading our churches, governments, businesses, academic institutions, and media. Let those cowardly and dishonest CEOs who used the Charlottesville incident as an excuse to resign from the President’s manufacturing council exercise some useful courage. 

Protests and Counterprotests

 Introduction This articles evaluates the nature, wisdom, necessity, and effectiveness of counterprotests. My article on the incident entitled Charlottesville Virginia Unite the Right Rally August 12, 2017 may be found here.  My article on a protest and counterprotest incident in Boston, MA on August 19, 2017 can be found here. I must admit in your face counter protests potentially raise issues to a high level of national awareness at least TEMPORARILY. But surely there is a more effective peaceful way.